We are in the age of opinion, the age of spinning realities fed to us in a twenty four seven constant stream. We want to be heard. We meet. We talk. We want to be seen. We turn on our web cams and stare into the lens. We take a deep breath, open our mouths and speak out. Whatever comes out. Who knows – maybe it’ll be brilliant! Maybe it will get more hits than that video with the cat that plays peak-a-boo. Maybe it’ll bring fame, fortune, attention…

Everyone wants to be heard but only a few are ever listened to.

We are in the age of opinion and yet we still only listen to those who shout the loudest.

The camera only stays on and in focus for the ones who push such an unwavering point of view that it turns them into caricature even before they speak. And regardless of who we are we are immediately parsed and divided into neatly bundled media groups. The Tea Party. The Progressives. The Democrats. The Republicans. The Liberals. The Conservatives. The Fringe. The In-Crowd. The Losers. The Dweebs. The Nerds. The Plastics. The Goths. The Immigrants. The Rich. The Poor. The Men. The Women. The Gay. The Straight. The Right. The Wrong.

Never The In Between.

All these groups claim to own us. Claim to speak for us. They claim us.

They say that they all speak for the American people – that they know the American people. That they are the American people.

We sit. Silently watching them take center stage, win a few elections, make a lot money, lose even more and proceed to tell us what to do. We sit silently. We the majority in the middle. We who have been silent too long – busy keeping our families alive and the country moving forward. But we have to find the time. We have to take our place.

We need a seat at the table. We need to step in between these two extremes, hold up our hands and say stop – listen – look – breath.

We are the fulcrum. We are the middle of our nation.

The Middle Nation is about bringing people together. People who may not see the world as black and white. Who may not see the world as this or that.

We recognize that there are sometimes more than two sides to an issue and sometimes there really is only one (the world is in fact round).

We see that progress takes time and we recognize that to not want progress would be to deny our humanity. We are a curious people and we celebrate that!

We understand that life is a struggle. That life is a compromise in between moments of joy and pain. We see life for what it is – it’s hard, it’s soft, it’s filled with hope and it sometimes falls to cynicism. Life is a paradox and we’re okay with that.

We are a busy people. We are the glue that holds the union together. The thread in the fabric. The stitch in time.

And though we don’t have the same mind and we are in fact a group of individuals, we need to come together now – to bring some sanity – to bring some clarity.

The Middle Nation hopes to start the conversation by exploring solutions to problems through grassroots style journalism and by providing a platform for those who find themselves in the middle to speak out and be heard.

So I hope you’ll stay and join The Middle Nation and take part in the discussions and let yourself be heard so that others don’t speak for you in the void of your voice.