PIVOT POINT – Trump and Romney’s Last Week in Politics

Mitt Romney will lose on Tuesday, November the 6th but it won’t be from lack of trying – well – trying on different persona’s and suits to appeal to whatever...

Mitt Romney will lose on Tuesday, November the 6th but it won’t be from lack of trying – well – trying on different persona’s and suits to appeal to whatever voter may be foolish enough to fall for his duplicity.
I was a Republican once upon a time and Mitt Romney is the weakest candidate I have seen the party present. He is no Reagan. He is not even on the level with W. See my appeal to the Republican Party here in my post This Is Not Your GOP!


The most surprising turn of events this week was Chris Christie putting aside partisan politics and revealing his true nature – as an honest to goodness good guy. It always saddens me that it takes great moments of crisis for the artifice of political division to wash away. We should be this reasonable all the time – without hundreds dead and millions without power – without people’s lives having been destroyed. Seeing Chris Christie with President Barack Obama reminded me of the Reagan years – when Republicans and Democrats often cooperated in the name of national unity. And Chris Christie has now peaked my interest for the 2016 election. He may actually get my vote, if and only if, he shakes off the shackles of the modern GOP and speaks his mind, his truth – not the PR filtered fabrications of the modern Republican Party. His first step – if he’s serious – would be to ignore the Koch’s and the Rove’s and only listen and speak from his heart.

Donald Trump let down the country today. He decided that those in need can only get donations if there is a game to be played. I am often deeply disturbed that men and corporations seem to need reality competition shows in order to help the less fortunate. I like the awareness that those shows often bring but think it’s troubling that the payment is always conditional on who wins or loses. Donald Trump, one of Mitt Romney’s biggest liabilities and one reason no one takes Mitt seriously, decided to hold 5 million dollars as leverage over the sitting Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces and our current President, Barack Obama.  Trump would donate $5 Million to Obama’s charity of choice if Obama would release his school records.


If I were Donald Trump’s children I would be furious. He is destroying their family name by nailing it to one party and one set of vile tactics. If you have money to donate – you give it – unconditionally – if you don’t have money then you can always donate your time to causes. What Donald Trump did this week is in stark contrast to the benevolent actions of Chris Christie – of course Trump has never held office and may not understand the burden of having people’s lives depend on his judgement.


When Mitt Romney loses next week it will be the end of his political career – the only question is who else has he dragged down with him and will it be enough of a house cleaning to allow the GOP in 2016 to nominate a reasonable moderate like Chris Christie? Let’s hope so – because this country deserves better than Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.