2016 And The Impatient ChatterClass

It was inevitable – the Chattering class no longer had a Presidential election to focus on so they – of course – started covering the next Presidential election four years...

It was inevitable – the Chattering class no longer had a Presidential election to focus on so they – of course – started covering the next Presidential election four years early.

I hate to break it to folks but 2016 is an open field. It is too early to predict who will be a nominee though it is never to early to talk about those who you may wish to see run for a variety of reasons. That’s a fair thing to do and should be done – if for any other reason than to have something fun to cover politically.

That being said folks have begun speculating who will run and who’s favored – with polls coming out showing that these prognostications must be true – or could be true. What is a bit disheartening is that the supposed frontrunners have no chance at all and the media doesn’t seem to realize it.


The Democrats and their supporters and I would imagine even some Republicans thirsty for a familiar fight all have been speculating, seemingly since the day after the 2008 win by Barrack Obama that Hilary Clinton was sure to run – maybe even challenge Obama in 2012 in a primary! And of course that never happened. She has said time and time again that she is done with politics after she leaves her post as Secretary of State and why not? She’s done more than most of her generation and she deserves some time off. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if she has larger desires but those I doubt would include the Presidency. I never thought she wanted to run in 2008. She seemed reluctant at times – only going through the motions to support her legion of fans and followers. But it is not the Presidency that she seeks – not any more. After all – she deserves some of the credit for getting Bin Laden and she just negotiated a successful cease fire between Hamas and Israel – she is accomplished. She has marked her place in the history books. I could see her perhaps wanting to be on the Supreme Court – that might be in her future.


Now she may get so pressured to run that she gives in and does. She will lose. This country is no longer interested in family dynasty’s – especially those so deeply rooted in the 20th Century. Voters will not want to vote for a Clinton nor…and this brings me to our next media predicted front runner…a Bush.


He has the name and none of the charm of his Presidential brother and lacks the life experience his father brought with his one term following Reagan. His comments in 2008, after Obama won his first term, will surely come back to haunt him – he was quoted as saying the Republican party needed to create a shadow government because of Obama’s win – it showed a lack of respect for President Obama, the first black president, as well as to the voters who overwhelmingly chose Obama over McCain. The distrust, of the first black president, goes against the grain of our modern society and reflects a narrow and antiquated view of the world that is no longer relevant nor desired. If the Republican party is serious they will refrain from further paranoid propaganda showing Obama as someone who is bent on destroying the country or is not to be trusted. It may appeal to a small percentage of voters but it alienates many of us who use to support the Republican agenda.

But Jeb Bush has no chance – his last name is Bush – one of the lowest rated Presidents in our history – with the lowest approval ratings of any modern President. Sure Jeb Bush is his own man but I doubt the country has the stomach for a third Bush in the Presidency – especially one who has even less charisma than Mitt Romney. Now Prescott….he has a shot…but not anytime soon.


Chris Christie could very well be a contender however he comes with a great deal of baggage that includes a lack of control over his temper and he has issues with his base after talking so favorably about President Obama. If Chris Christie left the Republican party and ran as an Independent he might have a shot if he had the money to be competitive.


I am a big fan of Joe Biden – not as a politician necessarily – though I like his work as Vice President – but as a personality. He’s fun. He speaks from his gut. But he’s older and that may effect voter perception. As Obama’s VP he has a lot going for him – especially if the next four years proves fruitful for the nation but that is not a guarantee at a nomination or a win. Biden is also a man deeply rooted in the 20th Century and voters may want someone closer to the times. It may not be fair to Joe but I think that’s the reality he’s facing if he chooses to run.


No. No chance. None at all. Not even in a Primary. If anything because no one wants to re-litigate the 2008 election. She is a reality television star now – nothing more. She lost any chance of winning an election when she chose that path.

Now who do I think wants to run? That’s another story:


She keeps quoting the founding fathers lately which is often a tell tale sign that someone wants to run for President. She seems to insist on holding on to her Leadership status in the House despite her mixed and not so successful record. Let’s face it she lost her House in 2010 and is part of one of the lowest rated Congress’ in history. Though in her favor is her support for social issues and her opposition to the Iraq war voting against the war in 2002.


His rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union in 2009 guarantees his loss. He can’t win. He was one of the faces the Republicans were presenting to the country during what will be looked back on as one of the worst periods for the party. But it is Jindal’s child-like rebuttal of Obama’s 2009 State of the Union speech that has done the most damage to Jindal’s future chances. Though it is refreshing to see him break from his party of late on some issues he also lacks presence – he does not come across as commanding or inspiring. So no shot – sorry Bobby.


My only prediction about 2016 is that it will be the most open election in decades. There is room for Independents. We could see splits in both parties on some issues that lead to interesting primaries. And most of the usual suspects frankly, in my opinion, don’t have a real shot. 2016 is wide open and far away – so perhaps we can move on to other issues rather than trying to predict the unpredictable.