Michelle Obama set a high bar on the first night of the Democratic National Convention as she delivered a speech meant to remind voters about how much the Obama’s have...

Michelle Obama set a high bar on the first night of the Democratic National Convention as she delivered a speech meant to remind voters about how much the Obama’s have in common with the rest of us. It is this sort of soaring, yet heartfelt message that has been missing from the Barack Obama campaign. I’ve written about the negativity in the race and how it may help Mitt Romney win this election and up until now the Obama campaign has provided little contrast to the “Don’t Vote For Mitt Because He’s Rich” negative campaign strategy of 2012.

Michelle Obama’s positive message is a breath of fresh air in what was becoming a decidedly depressing campaign season. I hope this is the start of more positivity to come though I worry it’s too late for the Democratic party to accomplish what it needed to.

The focus has been entirely on the Presidential campaign and had the Obama Campaign and the Democratic Party instead shifted it’s focus to local and state wide elections ranging from city councils to members of the U.S. Congress they could have created an environment where their policies might prevail rather than a continuation of the current arms-crossed stalemate that is the Republican parties control of the House of Representatives. I am convinced that if the Obama campaign had launched with ads depicting the type of substance Michelle Obama brought in her speech at the DNC than there would be plenty of room and time to focus on those far more important local elections.

Let the surrogates do the attacking – the President must stay above the fray.

The opening day’s events revealed another hidden soldier in the Obama campaign arsenal, and no not the poorly named twins, but rather the current Governor of Massachusetts,┬áDeval Laurdine Patrick – who spoke with the backbone missing from the 2010 midterm elections and even called out the members of the Democratic party for not standing behind their President more consistently. The Obama campaign needs to allow surrogates like Patrick to be the proverbial bad cop so that Barack Obama can be the man the nation fell in love with in 2008.

I know I’m bitter and cynical now but I’m trying to see past the cloud of anger that came with this economic crisis – the terror I still feel every now and again even though I’m now happily employed and doing better than ever. The fear is still there. And the disappointment. I never expected Barack Obama to move mountains or even keep all of his promises, but I did expect him to communicate better, to educate and inform the American people on what he was doing and where we were going. Somehow his message got lost. Seeing him so cynical this time around with such negativity – well it’s been hard to adjust to this new Barack. Barack 2.0. I really feel it’s beneath him and think that he’s wasted moves, opportunities to achieve more with this election than just a narrow win.

I know I’m not alone in this sentiment – the cooling effect the Bain obsessed attack ads have had on my own enthusiasm has been surprising.

I’ve been one of the President’s, at times, loudest supporters. I was shocked to see Democrats run away from the Affordable Care Act during the 2010 midterms instead of explaining it to their constituents. I was shocked to see Democrats hide from Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and proud to see Obama take up the cause and negotiate his way to a great civil rights achievement. I was surprised how much control seemingly conservative members of the Democratic party had on not just the party but the President. It was for those reasons that I left the Democratic party in 2010 and have no plans to join a political party again. I’ve considered myself at times a Republican and a Democrat having voted for both parties pretty regularly until the 2008 election. But now I’m shocked to see the bitterness of his battle worn fellow Democrats rubbing off on a man who once believed in hope – to see President Obama begin to believe the distorted image he’s been given by both parties and the media.

Let’s hope his wife’s speech not only lifts the spirits of his supporters – let’s hope she awakens within him some glimmer of the man who once believed in teachable moments.