Recently former front runner who never was the front runner, Mitt Romney, held a rally at a failed dry wall company where he stood in front of a large banner...

Recently former front runner who never was the front runner, Mitt Romney, held a rally at a failed dry wall company where he stood in front of a large banner that read “OBAMA ISN’T WORKING”. The company he was speaking at, The National Gypsum Company, collapsed after the housing bubble burst but Mitt was using the empty factory as a backdrop for how it was all Obama’s fault. Many many things about this event are why Mitt won’t not only fail in a general but will most likely lose his parties nomination yet again. Let’s have some fun.


The factory made dry wall and according to the Huffington Post had to get materials from China because demand was just that high. When the housing bubble collapsed work dried up for the company. To me this is not an example of a recession problem but of the free market actually working – or did this company think that houses would be built in that volume forever? During the housing bubble I noticed, as I’m sure some of you did as well, that huge housing and condo communities were being built but there didn‘t seem to be a huge influx of people to fill them and the people who lived elsewhere in the city could never afford a condo or a home – to me this was a warning of bad things to come for that industry.   Supply and demand. Pretty simple really, a dry wall company should not expect to continue operating if there is not demand for their product –that is not the government’s fault or the economies – it is simply a side effect of the free market. Something I thought Mitt embraced since he’s okay with downsizing companies himself.


Let’s talk this silly banner Mitt had. It read “OBAMA ISN’T WORKING” and shows Mitt’s campaign’s lack of skill at messaging. Let’s dissect:

1)      It reads as if it is saying Obama is not doing work, i.e. that he’s unemployed or not actually doing his daily work and is instead playing XBox. That would fly perhaps if he had not taken out Bin Laden and Gaddafi, saved the U.S. auto industry and turned the DOW from under 8000 to over 12000 – helping folks’ 401k’s stay afloat. You may disagree with what he’s doing but it’s hard to argue he’s doing nothing.

2)      It also puts Obama’s name up above Mitt’s head – drawing direct comparisons between the two and at first glance, because of the blue background, it looks like an Obama rally that Mitt is headlining. Given the criticism of Mitt as a RINO, this is not helpful to his campaign in a fairly conservative Florida Republican primary.

3)      The Banner also reminds voters that the only unemployed politician, between Obama and Mitt, is Mitt Romney. It reminds voters that the multi-millionaire does not need to work as he has his money working for him at a nice low tax rate of 13 %.  If someone sees that banner they then look to Mitt and ask themselves – is Mitt working? The answer is no and it’s not because of the economy, it’s because he’s been running for President for going on 6 years now. Had Mitt done something real and significant with his time between elections this might all play out differently but Mitt, I guess, decided not to work.

Mitt will lose Florida. He will lose Ohio. He will get beaten by the most unlikely of candidates, himself.