It has come to pass that the truth has been left undefended – vulnerable to the abuse of convenience and politics. Politicians spread the truth thin and nod in approval at rumor as they get interviewed on camera and as they present on the House and Senate floor.

There is real work to do and real lives at stake and there is no time for the childish game of deception.

A recent example of Political hyperbole came in the form of John Kyl, a Republican Senator, who stated on the Senate floor that Planned Parenthood’s work consisted of 90% abortions – when in fact the real number is well under 10%. Stoking the un-substantiated fear that somehow Democrats want to kill babies. I know many Democrats and they do not want to kill babies, in fact many of them have babies. Cute adorable babies.

During the Health Care debate there were rumors spread around by sitting members of Congress about death panels and fears of socialism – I remember seeing babies used as props and an over abundance of graphs and charts – ultimately meaningless. Needed end of life care provisions – provisions that many of us have had to see loved ones deal with as they faced Cancer in the eye and had to plan on what to do as they slipped quietly into the night. But regardless of the real needs of real patience – many misrepresented the end of life provisions in the bill and turned what should be a dignified discussion about helping terminal patients and those facing the end of their life into a childish game of word play and social network abuse.

There should be a terms of use for the truth. Maybe Zuckerberg can get working on that.

All of the theatrical antics of our members of congress as they stretch and bend he truth – all of it is ultimately meaningless when it comes to actual real life adult debate about the merits of a bill and how to make it better or why it should be rewritten or scrapped. Instead – tuning into CSPAN any given session day you’re bound to find someone, either Democrat or Republican or even an Independent like Bernie Sanders, making a grand speech about how they feel about the other side and how the other side is doing something questionable and perhaps un-American and against our constitution – never truly debating the dry provisions of a bill.


Government is not supposed to be razzle dazzle and filled with spot lights and instant scoops and inside deals – it’s supposed to be boring. Dull. Procedural. Simple. At some point I would imagine the goal would be to not have any laws to pass. Simply approve budgets and toast to peace. But I am concerned that goals are not in the focus and our leaders in Congress are playing games with our lives.

For that I propose the Middle Nations first Initiative – The Truth Amendment.

The Truth Amendment ideally would be an actual law passed by congress making it mandatory that all elected officials and their representatives be considered under oath whenever presenting themselves as representatives of their office – even if it is their day off (hint – they are always representatives of their office – it’s a 24/7 job from my standpoint).

We will try to gain support for this initiative and see if we can make the Truth Amendment Law.

Stay tuned…