There’s been a lot of hand wringing over the debt lately and a lot of hesitation to do the things that could really help move this country forward – de-funding schools, laying off teachers, cutting help to the less fortunate, spending less on science and research – all in the name of fiscal discipline.

Here’s how I see all of this – in the early 1900′s we all doubled down on this economic model we are currently using worldwide- stocks, interest, etc – all of it man made mind you – not that anyone acts like that. And sadly – this economic model does not actually work with how we, as a species, behave.

We use to do things because we needed to do them – cost didn’t factor in completely as it was not real actually. The west would have never been settled had we worried about cost. The colonies would never have revolted against the British if it was up to the cost. Slaves would never have been freed in any culture if it was up to the cost.

It used to be that when we needed to do something, if the raw resources and skill/taleĀ­nt were available – we did what was needed. Our survival relies on this.

There are diseases we could cure now if it wasn’t for the cost of the research.
There are ways to harness energy now and improve our lives and efficiency if it wasn’t for the cost.
We could actually end hunger today if it wasn’t for the cost.

Money was meant to be a tool – a tool we use – it is now using us.