On the eve of the rally for sanity as the punditry and media types grist the mill of selling insurance commercials; spouting their doubt or acclamation of the importance or non-importance of a Rally symbolically calling on one and all to behave like the civilized beings we claim to be rather than two year-olds thrown into near epileptic tantrums whenever we can’t have everything we want; I am struck by the absurdity that sanity is something radical. 

That getting to any kind of reasonable balanced sense of reality seems extremely difficult and, at times, seems so impossible a task that those of us who are sane nearly give up with a sigh of resignation and a dooming sense of fatalism so that we long to ignore the mishegas as inconsequential fluff and just go about living our lives.

But if the sane people stay silent, the Crazies win.

If the sane stay silent then yet another generation will pass the buck to the next to address the very consequential issues that we face today.

If the sane stay silent we abdicate our responsibility to this country.  This country that has such great will, resources, and potential; and allow the Crazies to dictate a false reality which will never deal with what is and not what we want it to be; and we forfeit our right to even complain about the Crazies ruining our country because we let them.

We can no longer be silent. 

And yes that will require more of us.

And yes I realize we are already struggling to manage and make our lives happen.

Yet we have to do better, we have to do more because we are the only ones who can do it.

I’m sorry reasonable people who really just want a nap and a weekend off with your families, but your country needs you.

We need you to be heard.  We need you to be seen and we need you to stay sane regardless of what is hurled at you.

I know this is hard, I know it’s exhausting.  I know it’s infuriating and tempting to sink to the level of Crazy because, let’s face it, it feels good and we can always fall back on the old standard “they started it”.

But as the sane ones we have to be the grownups.  We have to set the boundaries of appropriate behavior and not sit idly by as the Crazies spin facts into fantasy and fiction into reality.

We who are caught in the middle must make ourselves heard if only so the world may know we exist; that we are the true pluralistic voice of a democratic America.    We don’t agree on everything but we all have a common interest in survival and maintaining and creating a society that seeks to allow the least amount of suffering and promotes the most amount of good possible.  We may disagree on how to get there.  But we can agree to work toward mutually agreeable solutions. 

We are the middle nation.